Why Choose Us?

The Slater & Cain Difference

Our Difference

Why choose Slater & Cain Realty? We promise to keep it real. Some ways we are different are:

We offer fixed price commission. 
We want you to  know what you are paying upfront, with no sneaking hidden costs

We provide a marketing plan for our clients.
We find an advertising strategy that suits your budgets and helps you them get the best offer for your home.

We keep our word.
If we say we will do something, we will do it.

We build relationships with clients.
You aren’t just a property number to us. We often find that even after the property has sold and settled, we still catch up with our past clients, for coffee and drinks, as they have now become friends.

We give realistic appraisals.
We won’t inflate the numbers just so you like us. We set realistic expectations from the beginning based on current market conditions and what we think we can negotiate to get for your property.

No time wasters.
Having your home on the market is a stressful time. We don’t make this worse by showing time-wasters and nosy neighbours through your property. We don’t always get it right, and of course not everyone who looks through will buy, but we do our best to qualify buyers before they go through your home.

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